Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This is ME

OK since i left my ex I have been doing a lot of thinking about who I Am  and I think i am coming close to finding out and this it what i have come up with so far.

I am a mommy to a very active, handful, very handsome, and what a blessing little boy. I am out going, lovable, caring, fun, crazy, Imperfect, daydreamer, smiling, loyal, hard working, hopeful, worrying person.

I love the outdoors, camping, hiking, swimming, skiing, fishing. I can shoot any type of weapon, I can change my own tire and rebuild it if i must. I can change my oil, make beer and wine, BBQ better then most guys, and make some killer smoked ribs.

I don't do my hair, wear make up often, or try to stay up with what is in style.

I like dates that are creative and not just movie and dinner all the time. I am still a kid at heart and like to color and eat with my hands. I love animals and would own a zoo if i could.

I am not in to having a million pairs of shoes and a ton of jewelery , i am a simple girl easy to please and easy to love. Take care of me and I will return it a million times over. I put others before me way to often. You get between me and my son be ready to see god, i will not put up with that.

I love to have a good time and be with people who care about me. I love to learn about new things and will teach you about cattle if you let me. I just want to be loved for me and my crazy life. and if you love me, loving my son is part of the deal.

Well this is me TAKE it or LEAVE it. I will not give up my self again!!

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