Thursday, February 2, 2012

Technically still homeless...... Read to Understand

Ok I know what your all thinking but you guys have a place to live right? Well here is the deal while Yes we have a place to live that is our own, then again it is not our own. We live in transitional housing that the VA pays to help give Homeless Vets a place to get back on their feet and be able to move out on their own. We can stay here for Up to two years. and in this time i have a lot a goal to try and reach personal, by saving, getting a better job, and school.

A little info on where we live, First little man and I are the youngest ones here and was the first family to move to this site. The Organization is call Esperanza En Escalante  they help give homeless vets these few places to live. they have two sites one by the air force base and the one I am at kind of in the middle of  the city.

There are other vets here and all male I am the first Female vet for this site too. All the rules are written Military style, we have curfews but can get passes to stay out over night. Every Thursday the case worker here come and checks to see if we are keeping our places clean. It does have a military over tone to it. But we are free to live our lives as long as we stay with in the rules which are nothing crazy. So it is nice.

The reason VA still looks at us as Homeless is cause we are not paying the rent on our own, The VA is. and for some of you, you know I had a hard time swallowing that is what I am a Homeless Vet, but i am thankful for finding a The VA homeless Worker that i found, he has helped get us in here, if it was for not going though   this path who know where little man and i would be right now.

So yes I am still Homeless in the Eyes of the VA, but we have a safe warm place to live till we get on our feet and completely on our own. =)