Sunday, August 7, 2011

He is My son's Father not Daddy

OK after following updates for the last few days about my friends brother and his little boy, it got me to thinking about my ex and how freaking unstable he is. How I am not looking forward to the day when he comes to get Wyatt for his first visitation. If he comes and gets Wyatt before the end of the year he gets to have him for 2 weeks and my BIGGEST fear is the ex will not bring my baby back to me.  Mind you this is IF and When he does, but still after many endless nights of the ex telling me he was going to take Wyatt away and i will never see him again  along with him being so emotionally unstable i think the ex would do something that stupid.

Not mention the ex texts me a lot but it is never to ask to talk to Wyatt about his selfish self. the last time he talked to Wyatt i had to guilt him in to it. and i Am not doing it anymore. If he loves his son he will show me but until then I am  not saying a word anymore. I can see when he texts he still trying to control me and i am learning more and more to just not answer him, and it is getting easier and easier to do that. Oh he drives me crazy i wish he would just get the hint to give up and move on we are done. I am moving on and he is in the past along with all the hurt from him.

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