Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Promise MY Little Man

Dear Little Man,

        I am sorry your farther  has not called you in a few weeks and you keep asking for him. I know right now you have no clue what is going on, but you do know mom is here for you. I am go to work for a few hours but i always come back to get you. I am sorry your farther puts him self a head of you and has done so since you were born. But always Know this no matter how mad you get me, how much i want to kill you, or how much you drive me crazy........I Love You very much and would not give you up for the world.

     I Promise you that we will make it and have a wonderful life. And some where down the road WE will have a daddy who will love us both and be very happy. He will teach you how to work on cars, camping, fishing, and to shoot. You will go to him for advise about girls cause it to weird to ask me.

And if that never happens I will teach you to camp, fish , and shoot. We will make life time memories of having fun and great adventures. I will make sure you always have good male figures in your life to talk too for those times you feel weird talking to me. We will be find and you will turn out to be amazing MAN.

My Little Man you will understand one day why we had to leave Wyoming and your farther behind. I love you so very Much.

Love Your Mommy

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