Thursday, August 22, 2013


You know something happen to me this week that got me thinking, What IS Friendship?

I always viewed friendship has having a person or people you can turn to talk to, share ideas and dream, talk out problems, create a bond and enjoy time with. and I still do.

IN the the last few years I have had people walk away and I have walked away from So called friends. I recently thought I had made a new friend but then quickly figured out she was not all she made her self out to be. special when her text said" i was "NICE" to you". Really ?! that is what you call friendship just being "Nice" to someone. WOW i guess i missed the memo that as a grown up that what counts as being a friend, OH wait it only is when you self centered. Got it ! On to my next thought.

I never been one to have a million friends but I always had my close friends and Best Friends. MY Best Friends Live in different States, back in my home town I have a few friends, and Then in this new Social Media I have FB friends I have never meet and may never meet.

You know I think a big part of my issue now in making friends as any adult is i hold people to higher stander like i did in the Army.

Only people who have served can understand the bond that is between service people. These are people you train with day and Night, You talk to, joke with with swap stuff out of MRE's, you trust your LIFE to these people. I am not saying it the perfect friendship, but it a very strong bond.

I have quite a few people I served with on my FB, some I deployed with: others we where all stationed together for years. I have Have Vets who served with the Unit i was with for the first few years of my time in the Army and because of that patch and how we feel for it gives us a bond.  I would go back to war with these people and stand with  them against the enemy once again. I cherish the bond I have with my fellow vets and Service people. It is something most people will never understand.

If civilians could feel what Military people feel for each other, I think many people would treat others better then they do now and slow down and enjoy life. I do understand there is always going to be people who no mater what are self centered, nasty, hateful.

I am not changing my View  of what friendship should be or Lowering my standers.  And once again to those who have stood by my Crazy Ass, I thank you and love you.

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