Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Last Year

Wow other year has past. SO many Lessons learned both the hard and easy way. A lot people Left and I have made a few new friends.

I am so grateful for all the help I have been given this year from so many people. If it hasn't been for the VA helping us get a place to live, I could not image where Little man I would be right now. I am not saying the Last year has been easy far from it, But I am grateful for everything I have had help to get and have gotten on my own.

I have learned to enjoy being by myself and doing things on my own, not having to wait on people or try to make everyone else I am hanging out with happy. The only other person who i worry about making happy on a daily bases in Little Man, and he always is happy. When he is not here I do my best to get out of the house and do something, most of the time it just taking in a movie by myself. A friend at work always ask me if I Am going alone and i tell yes cause at least i can enjoy the movie in Peace.

Both our Birthday parties where failures in the sense I planned huge parties and no one came, But still good cause people we loved came to be with us. Next year small group get together with people who care about us.

I really love my family with helping out with Little man when i need a break or had no sitter ( which happens a lot). I can never thank them enough for what they have done for me. Also to be there and listen to me gripe and give me pointers when i need them. Just goes to Show no matter how old you are you still need your parents wisdom when you can see the answer your self.

I have so many hrs in the last thinking about my life and where i have been. I have put a lot of my past to bed and moved on it from it. I am not going to win awards for anything I do in my life I Am not prefect but I do try to live my life the best i can and make as many great wonderful memories with little man.

He too has come a long way this year in his speech and only in sleep does he stop talking. He loves Batman and super heroes. He loves being with Mommy and helping me when he can. He loves his grandparents, aunts and uncle. MY boy has such a big heart and it kills me to see him so sad when he talks about his " daddy". He just wants a man to love him as much I do.

I know One day a guy will walk into our lives and Love us more then we will ever know, but till then I will keep doing both rolls as mommy and daddy and enjoying every little spare min I can get with him, even if falles a sleep on me getting dinner LOL.

Well for the New year I Am going to find a job that is not in the Retail world LOL, get my butt out and make new friends, Little man will start preschool, I will get back in the gym, and keep making memories and enjoying my time with Little man.

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